A new language is a new life

I wish I could speak more languages

A new language is a new life

I wish I could speak more languages

A new language is a new life

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ابراهیم سیاهوشی | پنجشنبه, ۱۵ مهر ۱۳۹۵، ۱۱:۰۱ ق.ظ

The city of Karachi offers an interesting and diverse nightlife scene

that has several things to do, watch and also experience.

The city has a large selection of bars, cafes and clubs so whatever the type of venue you are looking for,

 you will certainly find something to suit your taste.

These hotspots are sprouting up all over the city and offer a vibrant nightlife to visitors.

Drop in at any popular club in the city and enjoy tasty, local snacks

 and some classy cocktails in a comfortable and relaxed ambiance. Some clubs are famous for their atmosphere where you can unwind and enjoy the drinks and music played in the background.

The major and prominent nightlife venues

are situated in the Clifton and Sea View areas of the city.

Watch the beautiful fountain constructed in front of Clifton Beach. This fountain is decorated with powerful lights and can be watched from any part of the beach.

In winter, shops in some areas of the city remain open till midnight.

Such major areas include Schoen Circle, Park Tower and Zamzama Street. Also,

don’t forget to take an experience of touring the city on a horse-drawn carriage.

  • ابراهیم سیاهوشی

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