A new language is a new life

I wish I could speak more languages

A new language is a new life

I wish I could speak more languages

A new language is a new life

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ابراهیم سیاهوشی | سه شنبه, ۲۷ بهمن ۱۳۹۴، ۱۰:۲۱ ب.ظ

Alliterative Expressions

 اصطلاحات واج آرایی Alliterative expressions are pairs of words in which the second member

of the pairs is repetition of the first except for a difference in one sound

.You have heard many alliterative expressions in Farsi

such as : شلوغ پلوغ, کتاب متاب, چاخان پاخان :as An obvious function of these expressions

is that they make speech less formal and more friendly

.Now look at these alliterative expressions in English.

. 1. Wish wash:- دودل He is such a wish washy person that cannot make a decision.

 درهم بر هم :2. Mish mash.- My room is kind a mish mash room that you can find everything you want.

3. Chit chat:-گپ What did you talk about? “Oh just chit chat.

 جمع و جور :4. Ship shape.- Let’s get this house ship shape.

5. Zig zag: -زاگ زیگ The children ran in zig zag around the park.

 شل و ول :6. Shilly shally.- Stop shilly shallying and make decision now.

 این پا اون پا کردن :7. Dilly dally.- Don’t dilly dally just get your things and let’s go.

 8. Tick tock: -تاک تیک I can hear the tick tock, but I can’t find my watch.

 تق و توق :9. Clip clop.- He makes such a clip clop that we couldn’t sleep a moment.

 10. Teeny weeny : -مچول کوچول Look at her, such a teeny weeny little girl.

 11. Ding dong: -دانگ دینگ A bell striking ding dong.

 گیج و ویج :12. Silly billy- Oh, I’m a silly billy. I’ve bought salt and I meant to buy sugar .

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